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SQL Server Performance Testing with Database Experimentation Assistant

Introduction This quick post is to assist users in performing performance tests on various environments and generate analytics from the results. The Database Experimentation Assistant makes use of SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller and Clients. Tool: Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA) Virtual Environment: SQL Server 2017 CU6 (DEA has a known issue in replay if the… Read more

Azure Backups and Site Recovery – Encrypted SQL Backups

    Introduction   This document is intended to assist the user in configuring Azure Recovery Services for on premise backups of encrypted SQL Server Backups. The goal of this document is to demonstrate the capability of backing up encrypted Database backups, where the encryption key stays in possession with the customer (onsite) and is… Read more

Setting up Central Management Server in SQL Server

Hey SQL Fans, Today I thought I would write a quick post about Central Management Server for SQL Server. I have been to so many customers who are not making use of this amazng a free feature that ships with SQL Server. I always ask the resident DBA team at a customer,  how they are managing… Read more

SQL Server In-Memory

Hi to all of you SQL Server fans, There has been a lot of interest from customers moving to SQL Server 2014, specifically around the use of SQL Server in-memory optimizations as well as identifying possible candidates that could benefit from this technology. I thought I would write a quick post to cover the implementation of… Read more