TalkDevOps Interview : How Negotium Technologies is delivering value to their customers…

Last month I met some old friends at our Montreal's office : Eric Beaudry and Sébastien Levert.

I asked them for news about their company and they told me this interesting story on how they are shifting Negotium from a services company to a solution company.

Oceanik being one of their solution.

After few minutes talking, I asked them if we could record our discussion.

I think it could be interesting if you are searching some assets and feedback on different topics like :

  • How do you manage this transition ?
  • Business aspects versus Technical aspects
  • Tools
  • ...

Sébastien and Éric share their philosophy about the concept of "Fail Fast, Learn Fast" combined with the Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) development.

We also talked about : Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Feedback loop, Release pipeline, and more...

Hope you will enjoy this video.


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