Want to learn more about DevOps with Microsoft? #TalkDevOps

Microsoft DevOps Hackathon

Are you ready to embrace a DevOps mindset? Want to evolve your traditional application lifecycle management (ALM) approach and help your business deliver higher value in less time? Want to understand how Dev and Ops people can work together in the best ways?

We're coming to a city near you!

2016 will be a great year to #TalkDevOps Save the date to learn more!

  • Toronto: February 18th & 19th: CLOSED
  • Montreal: March 17th & 18th & 19th: CLOSED
  • Ottawa: March 31th & April 1st: CLOSED
  • Calgary: April 28th & 29th: CLOSED
  • Edmonton: May 12nd & 13rd: CLOSED

This unique 2-day training event will give you the opportunity to apply DevOps practices during an in-person, intensive learning environment:

  • Work hands-on with both Microsoft and open source technologies
  • Share knowledge with IT industry peers
  • Learn how to implement Infrastructure as Code
  • Learn about continuous delivery and testing in production
  • Gain practical DevOps experience through real-world challenges

Be prepared

At the event, you will receive an Azure pass. The $100 pass will give you access to Azure (valid for 30 days). To redeem the pass, a Microsoft account is necessary. If you don’t have one yet, please create one at www.microsoft.com/account.

You will also need a Visual Studio Team Services subscription. Don't worry it's free, just click here to create a new one.

To prepare for the DevOps Hackathon, please use the following resources. These videos will help you to get the most out of the DevOps hackathon: DevOps Fundamentals

Here are some great pictures from our first round of Hackathons in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

DevOps Hackathon Toronto
Microsoft DevOps Hackathon Vancouver
DevOps Hackathon Vancouver

Comments (14)

  1. Denys Chamberland says:

    I loved my first DevOps Hackathon experience in Montreal. I’d say it was perhaps one of the best Microsoft learning session I had. Friendly people, sharing ideas and expertise in a very professional manner now that’s what I’m talking about. If there’s a chance to attend a second one in March 2016 in Montreal, then count me in. Mind is a constant tremendous learning machine.

    1. Hey Denys,

      Thanks for the great feedback !

      See you in March 😉


  2. Ram says:

    Hi Julien, Do you have any HOLs to work on.. ?? If yes can you share with me.. It would be very helpful. 🙂

    1. Hey Ram,

      Did you check my other article : https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/juliens/2016/02/14/devops-where-do-i-start-cheat-sheet/

      I have a section about HOL on this one.

      Let me know if is enough for you ?



  3. Dan says:

    The registration link for both Ottawa and Montreal are down

    1. Hello Dan,

      Yes, our registration platform have some issues.

      If you want, send me an email with your information at juliens@microsoft.com to be registered.


  4. Roland D says:

    There seems to be a problem with the authorization form, when i try to download the public sector authorization form it simply opens the same page in a new window

    1. Hello Roland

      You will receive an email from us with the good form.

      Sorry about that, and looking forward to see you at the Hackathon !!!


  5. Alexandre Joyeux says:

    Hi Julien, do you know when the registration is going to open for Calgary? I’d love to take part of the Hackathon

    1. Hey Alexandre.

      I let you know as soon it will be open !!

      Thanks and see you at Calgary 😉

      1. There we go… The link is live 🙂

        See you.

        1. Todd Katay says:

          Hello Julien, Just found out about this session in Calgary… would love to attend, but it starts tomorrow. Is it too late?

          1. Not too late 😉

            Just go through the registration process it should be ok !

            See you tomorrow !

          2. Todd Katay says:

            Hey Julien,
            Sigh, turns out I won’t be able to clear my days… but this is exactly what I’m dealing with at the moment… Would have been great to chat with the expert. Will have to crunch through the links you’ve shared already. Lot’s of good material. Thanks!

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