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One of the re-occuring questions I get whenever I am meeting partners and customers is "So who is using Office Communication Server?" I can reel off a whole load of Organisations. Plus I use it day in day out - I no longer have a phone line on a PBX

This case study has now been released and outlines Royal Dutch Shell's implememtation of Office Communication Server 2007


The full cases study is here


Some of the highlights include the following quotes

"By using Office Communicator 2007, an employee in Nigeria will know instantly if a coworker in Siberia or the Netherlands is available and the best way to contact him or her. It is a single, transparent environment for the user."


"Employees appreciate being able to use Office Communications Server 2007 to place phone calls whether they are at home or traveling—and at no cost."


They are realising the potential that OCS can bring to their business, are you download the evaluation version from here

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