Long Time no Blog….

It has been a busy time over the last couple months. Microsoft are in the last quarter of their financial year so I have been rushing around doing my normal day job. I have finally had chance to sit down and start to get some of the posts I have been meaning to write actually on my blog.

It seems that I am not the only one - looking at the blogs I usually read, many have been pretty quiet -( Mark, Ewan, Brett)  probably suffering from the same overload as I am 🙂

Some great posts I have come across recently are

Matt's explanation of Hyper-V

The Office Communication Team Blog - has some great information for example why we do not do SIP over UDP

Seniors blog always has great info

Steves blog is the must go place to find out all the latest technology - I am amazed how he finds the time read and collate all this info 

So hopefully the next few posts of mine will have been worth the wait 🙂

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