New Year and loads happening

The New Year is with us and there is loads happening in the world of UC. I had a great break and only returned to work on the 7th ( hence the delay in getting to my blog). Some of the things that have come to my attention during my break

This blog entry by Erica Driver really explains where RoundTable is coming from and how it will hopefully change users perception of Video conferences. At the end of the day technology is only of any use if users use it - hopefully this type of blog by external companies will drive that adoption.

To complement this we now have certified OCS devices that are optimised for Office Communicator use. I have used most of these devices and will testify that they are brilliant - I would never go back to a conventional phone - my Jabra headset goes everywhere with me and gives me a voice quality second to none

There is moreso I will be blogging more shortly

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