Exchange 2007 Top Ten (Part 2)

Ok part 2 with the top 5 – Part 1 is here 5 Powershell After years of using GUIs to carry out my daily tasks I must admit I was a bit sceptical about going back to a shell to administer Exchange. My main concerns were born from the days in support where awful mistakes…


Exchange 2007 Top Ten (Part 1)

With the EVO roadshow just around the corner I thought it would be apt to give you my Top 10 features why I think Exchange Rocks. In reverse order:  10. 64 Bit In my mind this is often overlooked in terms of the benefits that this will give to Exchange 2007. Back in my CPR days memory…


EVO Crew

The t-shirts for the EVO tour have arrived – Pictures courtesy of James So if you are not booked up then do so now


Case Studies for Exchange 2007

I was scouting around the Microsoft website this morning, checking to see if any new material has been posted when I came across some case studies for Exchange 2007. There is a good mix of customer profiles from small business to the enterprise customer.


Exchange 2007 Partner Site

Just in case you are not aware, there is a mass of information  on Exchange 2007 here Take a look there is plenty of Demos, FAQ’s plus loads of training.  


Your Presence is requested…

Part of my role is to get Partners and Customers to understand the Microsoft vision for Unified Communications. Unified Communications usually means different things to different people depending on where their allegiances lie. In my mind it all boils down to Presence, without this part of the equation Unified Communication is a non starter.  How many times have…


Configuring an Exchange 2007 CCR Based Mailbox Server

This has been forwarded to me by Steve, it is an excellent resource if you need to set up a CCR based mailbox server   In part two it discusses majority node set (MNS) and File share witness More on this is here but in brief the following taken from the article sums it up…


Hello…Can I speak to Exchange please?

I have just got back from a breakfast briefing where I demo’d Unified Messaging and not surprisingly everyone loves this functionality. I have many scenarios where I can describe its usefulness. But one that I had not thought of but was given by an attendee was the scenario where he is driving home after a meeting with his head…



Hello and welcome to my new blog. Hopefully I will be able to convey the exciting news and forthcoming functionality of Exchange 2007 and Unified Communication. Thanks to James for the help in setting this up I have just joined the Steves team as a Partner Technical Specialist for Exchange and Unified Communications. Previous to this role…