Dealing with OpenLDAP XMA 1.1: Inspecting Records in Inport File

There is a great tool in MIIS 2003 Resource Kit 2.0 called FileViewer.exe. This tool provides a way to display or dump an entry or a range of entries from a file-based MA. This is specially useful when a particular object is generating some import/sync problems and you want to inspect the input file record but it is too big to be managed in your favorite text editor.

FileViewer.exe uses a File-based MA XML export to in order to parse the import file properly. However, for XMAs such as OpenLDAP XMA, it does not recognizes the XML as a usable MA, so you have to do a little trick:

  • Create a “File-Based” MA for the file format your XMA generates. In this case, DSML 2.0.
  • Input the XMA-generated file as template for your new File MA.
  • Expor the File MA and use it as MA definition for FileViewer.exe.
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