Another script to run Get-FolderPermission against all the folders in a mailbox

I think this script might be helpful for administrators in organizations where sharing of mailbox folders is extensive.  I’ve tested it both in remote PowerShell for Exchange Online, and in Exchange Management Shell for Exchange 2013 SP1.  There are others like it out there, but I like this one for its singularity of purpose …. Read more

My blog series on VSS backups for Exchange… Read more

A little script to check for the NT AUTHORITYSELF full access right on mailboxes

In case someone is looking for a script that works with mailbox permissions like this, here’s a small example of what I came up with to help someone check that all mailboxes have the SELF right in the permissions: #Script to check mailboxes for fullaccess rights for NT AUTHORITYSELF#Written by 4/21/2012 $logfile = “c:selfrightstest.log”if… Read more

A PowerShell Script to Remove Duplicate ACE’s from Public Folders

I was talking with a colleague about some of the PowerShell scripts I’ve written, and he suggested I start sharing them in the blogosphere.  So without further delay I’ll begin with one that I wrote to help someone with a particularly unpleasant permissions problem with public folders. The scenario was that somehow the MAPI folder permissions on hundreds of public… Read more