IIS Media Pack 1.0

A couple of weeks ago the guys over in the IIS team delivered a new set of media tools for those of you out there who are managing media on IIS.  The IIS Media pack consists of two previously released extensions: Web Playlists and Bit Rate Throttling.

Web Playlists allows you to control on the server side, media playlists from your IIS infrastructure rather than having to have a dedicated streaming server.  You are in control if you allow clients viewing the files to be able to skip past or seek through a media file in a playlist.  Think about it, you could run advertisements for HR's open enrollment before that training video, then bill back HR effectively monitizing an IT asset!  Cool stuff. 

Bit Rate Throttling gives you the ability to meter the delivery of various media file times (11 in all) including .flv, .wmv, and .mp4 files.  This allows you to control how fast or how much data is downloaded to the client.  If you are concerned about bandwidth utilization Bit Rate Throttling for your media will allow you to set rules required to manage your bandwidth.

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