It’s the last week…

I am sure you've seen the headlines on the interwebs about this being Bill Gates last full time week at Microsoft.  Bill is still going to hold the post of Chairman and will still be a part of what is going on here, but day to day he's going to focus more on the activities of the foundation he started.  Since I've only been at Microsoft a short time, I've never had the opportunity to meet Bill Gate, but have always been interested in what Bill has had to say.  You can see in his eyes when he speaks about technology (and even coding) that he's got a passion for it.  I've read his books and watched his keynotes and other speeches from year to year and am constantly impressed by not only his passion, but also his knowledge.

Charles over at Channel 9 got a chance to sit down and have a conversation with Bill Gates.  In it are cool thoughts on where things are headed not only with Microsoft, but also technology in general.  Yes it's got a developer flavor to it, but you IT Pros out there may want to pay attention to the comments made about where the Windows platform fits in today's world of services and cloud computing. 

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