Wow…what a ride!

TechEd 2008 has come to an end.  I'm over the minor bit of Jet Lag/Timezone shift that I've had and am back in Redmond trying to dig through email.  TechEd was great.  I met some amazing IT Pro's that are doing some REALLY cool things not to mention the fact that they are really cool people.  You can catch up with all the madness that was TechEd on Edge.  I would like to extend a special thank you to all of you who attended my sessions and the precon that I happily gave some color commentary with Corey.  It was a great week and I appreciate all of the great feedback you provided.

A pretty big announcement slipped in before TechEd and I wanted to make sure that you my loyal audience is aware.  We have released SQL Server 2008 RC0.  If you haven't yet, I suggest going out and downloading this bad boy and taking it through it's paces.  Also for you Identity Management folks out there, at TechEd we announced availability of Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 Beta 3.  If you are interested please go sign up for the beta.  It's a really cool piece of technology.  For more on ILM take a look at the videos we have up on Edge.

Those of you at TechEd may have been lucky enough to score one of our Edge t-shirts.  Well if you walked away empty handed, you may still be able to get yourself one.  We just got our first postcard and it's now proudly being displayed in the halls of Building 18!

Well that's it for now... I already miss Florida (well the sunshine not the humidity and of course the fun nightlife 🙂 ).

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