TechEd, Hyper-V, and a geeky game

WOW!  I didn't realize I've neglected this blog for so long.  I've got no excuses so hopefully I'll make up for it by giving you guys some good stuff today. 

I'd like to thank all of the people who attended and especially like to thank the speakers and other staff members from the SQL Firestarter Event held in Irvine just over a week ago.  It was a great event and I hope everyone got some good real world SQL experience to take back with you.  If you didn't get a chance to make it to this event, we've got plans to do more of these events. 

Speaking of events, TechEd 2008 Developer is set to begin in Orlando next week.  I'll be there giving a special Infrastructure track session on Windows Server 2008 on Friday the 6th.  If you are an IT Pro, you can catch a special Windows Server 2008 Overview session that I'm presenting along with Adam during TechEd 2008 IT Pro.  We also will be covering all of the major TechEd IT Pro events on Edge.  We've got the major keynote announcements along with some special interviews with speakers and other folks at the event planned.  It's going to be great so tune in to Edge or better yet, get down to Orlando and visit in person!

Next item on the agenda is Hyper-V.  Hyper-V if you have not heard is the next generation of Virtualization technology that is due to RTM soon.  It shipped in beta form with Windows Server 2008.  Well we eat our own dog food here at Microsoft and as proof of that TechNet and MSDN are both running 100% on Hyper-V!  Think about this... MSDN gets 3 MILLION hits a day with TechNet getting over One MILLION per day.  The folks over at have more details.  Check that report out!

Finally... a geeky game for you all to enjoy.  Are you geek enough to win the entire office's respect?  Prove it!  Play Server Quest, where you'll navigate through the perils of office life, protect the server, and keep clear of the arrogant sales guy.

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