Catching up

Okay I've been very bad at keeping this blog updated over the past three weeks, but it's been a bit hectic with the Windows Server Launch, an internal conference, and getting settled into the new home here in the pacific northwest.  We've got a bunch of great content hitting Edge in the next week.  The first of which is a great screencast from MVP Corey Hynes demonstrating the new Active Directory Database Mounting Tool that is up now.  Check it out.  Corey does some cool stuff in taking a snapshot of AD then mounting it up for read only use in ADUC. 

In other news the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide I wrote about previously as in beta has now been released.  If you played with the beta, time to swap it out for the fully released version.  As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the guidance in this solution accelerator so give it a look.

My SQL friends need to take a look at a new series of podcasts that we are running on Edge.  Buck Woody is doing a series of podcasts for the real world DBA.  The first episode is about choosing the right SQL Server edition.  The second issue posted just today is on choosing the right IDENTITY function.  It's good stuff to drop onto your zune and take with you for a bit of a geek  fix outside the office.

One last item that I have is from earlier in the week where the folks over at the Vista Springboard website hosted a panel of experts hosted by Mark Russinovich to chat about Vista and their deployment/adoption experiences.  I suggest checking it out even if you are just starting to discuss Vista in your IT world.  Some good things about UAC (User Account Control), application compatability as well as some image management stuff I found to be interesting.  Well worth the hour or so of viewing.

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