An attempt to cure the Superbowl hangover

WOW!  An amazing game to watch, even though the Pats fell short of making history.  So I've been noticeably absent the last few days as I've just gathered up the wife, kids, and dog and made the big move from Houston, Texas to Redmond, Washington.  It's a bit crazy living in temporary housing and waiting for the big truck to make it's way from Houston with basically every thing I own.  Things are going well and hopefully it won't be long before we gain some sense of normalcy. 

Well some BIG NEWS today in IT Pro land.  Yep I'm making you go over to Edge to get the details.  :)  Gather your thoughts and comments and post them here or on Edge.  I am curious to hear what you all think about the big announcement and even the big game last night!


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