Hey gang.  More good stuff from Adam on Edge today.  We've got a cool feature entry on iSCSI.  Don't know what it is or what it does?  Check out his entry on TechNet Edge and don't forget to leave comments.

Next item of the day, we see what happens when Neil gets a hold of a video camera.  He wanders into an office and refuses to leave until he gets some good geeky stuff on camera.  This time he decided to pick on Adam.  The result is a quick six minute demo on how to get Windows Deployment Services (WDS) up and running.  Now me personally, I am a HUGE fan of WDS.  There is a TON of stuff you can do to customize your deployments beyond what is shown in this demo.  Hmmm... I think that would be a good future blog post.  Stay tuned for that.

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