It’s time to start…

WOW where did the time go?  It's time to start preparing for the big launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008!  Registration is now open for launch events all over the country.  I LOVE launch events!  I remember the first one I ever attended.  It was for the big Windows 95 launch.  We were in Symphony Hall in Salt Lake City.  I remember specifically how cool it was sitting in a huge concert hall looking at a massive video screen as the Rolling Stones blared and the START button that we all have come to know and love fades out to a shot of Bill Gates surrounded by the development team.  I wish I could have been in Seattle that day.  What fun that must have been.  Another thing that sticks out in my mind about that launch event was that with all the new features that were introduced in Windows 95, the most popular one at all of the demo and "test drive" stations was pinball.  I guess one would say that it was a much simpler time in our IT life, unless of course you had to install Windows 95 on floppy disk (I think I still have those 13 or so floppy's around somewhere).

So register for an event and attend!  We have some experts on hand to answer your questions, demo stations for you to test drive, as well as some promo kits you can take home with you.


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