Easy transfer and cool stuff on EDGE!

I missed yesterdays entry because I was busy setting up the new laptop.  Yeah... I'm bragging, but don't tell me you don't do the same when you get a new toy!  The only pain is making sure you got ALL of the files from the old laptop.  I've been running Vista for a while and have managed to keep myself from overriding the default settings and storing as much as possible in my own personal folders that Vista creates.  I was able to use the Easy Transfer Wizard tool to migrate all of my files and my settings for most of my applications!  It's good stuff.  For easy to follow step by step instructions on using this tool check out this KB article.

There are two cool new video posts from my fellow Evangelists over on TechNet Edge.  The first is Adam's interview with Microsoft IT and a member of the NAP (Network Access Protection) team at Microsoft.  They chat about NAP and how it's installed at Microsoft.  Yeah I know that was on Channel 9 before, but hey it's really IT Pro content so now it's home where it belongs. The second is from Giovanni who had the opportunity to speak with the folks over at the online multi-player game Eve.  They talk about how the folks at Eve are looking into High Performance Computing and some other cool geeky stuff about Eve Online. 

Check out the new videos and don't forget to leave comments!  We like to hear from you.  And on the topic of hearing from you, while visiting the Edge, stop by The Perimeter and participate in the discussion.  No need to be shy, we are all friends!

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