Process Explorer

Since we are talking about processes, it would be nice to find out which files and dlls are associated with a process.  There is a free utility to help.  You can even replace the task manager with it. 


All About Processes

I use the Task Manager regularly.  Have you ever tried CTRL + Shift + ESC?  Give it a shot.  I was looking the other day at some of my processes and wondered what the heck they were for.  To find out, visit:


Streamlined IP Config batch file

Put the following into Notepad and call it IP.bat.  Run it and see what happens.  It is case sensitive. @ipconfig | find “IP Address” @ipconfig | find “Default Gateway” @pause


Exchange Best Practices Analyzer

Ever wondered if your Exchange server is configured properly?  Well, Microsoft just came out with a Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Exchange 2000 and up.  It finds configuration problems. You can download it at:


Outlook Voting buttons

How easy is it to use voting buttons in Outlook?  Way too easy is what I just found out.  In Outlook 2000 and above, compose a new message. Go to Options, Use Voting Buttons and type in the choices separated by semi-colons.  Speaking of Outlook, hit CTRL+2 and see what happens.  CTRL 1-6 are all…


Get Acrobat Reader to open up faster

Get Acrobat Reader to open up faster – Go to your Acrobat\Reader folder and take everything from the “plug_ins” folder and move it into “Optional” except the following: Search.api, Search5.api, IA32.api, EWH32.api, EScript.api. Printing and search will still work, and it will load 75% faster. This is on Reader 6.0.


Ever wish My Computer would Explore instead of Open?

When you double-click on My Computer, it never shows the folders or Explorer bar.  When you right-click on My Computer and Explore, it does.  Here’s how to make Explore the default choice.  Double-click on My Computer, go to Tools, Folder Options, File Types, and find the file type of FOLDER with extension of (NONE).  Click…


Internet Explorer Favorites

Did you know that the Favorites folder under your name in Documents and Settings is the same as the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer?  You can sort, organize, create folders, and best of all search for entries using Windows Explorer to find favorites in Internet Explorer.  Give it a try…


Why do you want to shutdown?

If you’ve played with Server 2003, no doubt you’ve come across the “Why do you want to shutdown?” question.  To stop the madness, you can Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker here:  Open Group Policy.  Navigate to the Display Shutdown Event Tracker policy, and double-click it.  (Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System)  On the…


Outlook Shortcut Selecting Multiple Messages

The second shortcut is for Outlook.  I always had a problem selecting multiple messages with the mouse.  I had to hold the SHIFT and click blocks at a time.  Just like in Word, if you hover over an inbox message and move your cursor to the left until it changes to a right arrow, then…