Streamlined IP Config batch file

Put the following into Notepad and call it IP.bat.  Run it and see what happens.  It is case sensitive. @ipconfig | find “IP Address” @ipconfig | find “Default Gateway” @pause


Exchange Best Practices Analyzer

Ever wondered if your Exchange server is configured properly?  Well, Microsoft just came out with a Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Exchange 2000 and up.  It finds configuration problems. You can download it at:


Outlook Voting buttons

How easy is it to use voting buttons in Outlook?  Way too easy is what I just found out.  In Outlook 2000 and above, compose a new message. Go to Options, Use Voting Buttons and type in the choices separated by semi-colons.  Speaking of Outlook, hit CTRL+2 and see what happens.  CTRL 1-6 are all…