Get Acrobat Reader to open up faster

Get Acrobat Reader to open up faster – Go to your Acrobat\Reader folder and take everything from the "plug_ins" folder and move it into "Optional" except the following: Search.api, Search5.api, IA32.api, EWH32.api, EScript.api. Printing and search will still work, and it will load 75% faster. This is on Reader 6.0.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This tip just gave me back about 15-30 seconds of each work day. Thanks to John for the tip. The referenced "Optional" folder is nearly empty by default, with only a readme.txt that declares: Put unused plug-ins in the optional…

  2. Angus Logan says:

    Hi John,

    Thats awesome!!!

    I almost reverted to an earlier version of Acrobat Reader because it was such a dog to start up.


  3. Philip Ashworth says:

    Good tip, worked a treat


  4. Jens Schaller says:

    You could also use "PDF SpeedUp" and let the tool do all the work (

  5. Gr8 Tip says:

    Many Thanks,

    I use Acrobat 10 times a day and it was really frustating waiting for it too start.

    nice tip

    many thanks


  6. Matt Little says:

    Top banana – good effort.

  7. John Roller says:


    I haven’t heard of that problem with Acrobat. If you put the files back and test again, it should help you troubleshoot the issue.



  8. Rick Horowitz says:

    What about the 6.0 Pro version? It doesn’t store things the same way.

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