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Did you know that the Favorites folder under your name in Documents and Settings is the same as the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer?  You can sort, organize, create folders, and best of all search for entries using Windows Explorer to find favorites in Internet Explorer.  Give it a try...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t used my laptop in ages, but I put a wireless network card in it today so that I could use it to access the Internet around the house and I discovered that it still only has Internet Explorer…

  2. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Did you know that clicking the start menu brings a popup window? Found that yesterday while doing some work, wow! Amazing.

  3. John Roller says:

    I looked for that and didn’t find it. Where’s the IE History?

  4. Jerry Pisk says:

    C:Documents and Settings%UserName%Local SettingsHistory (that’s if you didn’t change your profile path, but I think it’s safe to assume that most users don’t).

  5. Tony Schreiner says:

    Did you know you can shift-click the "Organize Favorites…" menu in IE, and be taken right there? 🙂

  6. Marcus Williams, Nielsen TV Ratings says:

    I always forget where I save my million and a half bookmarks. Of course, I have tons of folders and sub-folders, but after a while, I can’t remember which sub-folder I placed a bookmark from 8 months ago.

    Soooo, I created a custom Search for my Favorites folder ONLY, then added that as a button in my IE toolbar. (Optional)

    One click, type the word and it shows me all of my bookmarks that contain that text in the title, all from my IE toolbar.

    ***** Making the Search file itself *****

    1) In Windows Explorer, right-click your Favorites folder and choose Search.
    2) Type a word to search for and hit enter.
    3) Clear the search field and hit enter again, otherwise you will forever search for that previous word 😉

    4) Goto File|Save Search and save it with a .fnd extension.
    5) Move it to where ever and create a shortcut to it.

    ***** Adding it to the IE Toolbar *****
    ((((( OPTIONAL )))))
    1) Open guidgen.exe, from Visual Studio.
    2) Choose Registry Format and click New GUID, then click Copy.
    3) Follow the instructions below to complete.
    P.S. I used my custom Search to find my bookmark on how to Add a Button to the IE Toolbar 😉

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