New to PowerShell? Can’t remember what module includes what?

You’re not the only one – trust me ūüôā This week we announced that the PowerShell Module Browser site is now available at¬†¬†. You should really give it a look, its a drop dead simple ways to find the module / reference / cmdlet you’re looking for.. <insert obligitory “This is the PowerShell cmdlet you’re…

AD ACL Scanner

<<Updated link to new GitHub location>> Just in case you haven’t seen it yet our colleagues in PFE Sweden have put together an excellent post detailing the usage of AD ACL Scanner, a CodePlex PowerShell based GUI for reporting on AD permissions. Check it out here –¬† Grab the tool here –¬†    


Azure AD V2 PowerShell Modules – Public Preview

ICYMI – Over the past few weeks we’ve been releasing public preview builds of the new AAD V2 PowerShell Module. <cliff notes version> Grab the latest bits here:¬† Read a bit more about it here: CMDLET reference list: (bookmark me!)   </cliff notes>  

Config drift for the PowerShell noob – AD Edition

Well, maybe not just for noobs ūüėČ One of the most common scenarios we get questions¬†around is managing configuration drift in enterprise scale environments, especially given the high rate of change in the cloud connected world. ¬†Generally speaking desired configuration management hasn’t been as prevalent¬†in the identity space – most have treated DCs as special;…