Connecting to AAD, a look at the numbers..

In case you haven’t seen it, Alex Simons put up a post earlier today breaking down the various ways customers are connecting to and leveraging Azure AD. There’s some pretty impressive stuff included; including that pass through auth is already (1 month post GA) getting greater than 500K monthly active users.. amazing. Grab all the…


New – Release notes for Azure Active Directory

In case you missed it; today the Azure AD team launched a new page specifically for AAD release notes and upcoming changes. Alex Simons posted this up on Twitter a few minutes ago (if you aren’t following him, you probably should be if you’re reading this :)) Identity Admins: You asked, we're delivering. Release notes…


Conditional Access for MacOS with Azure AD and Intune?

Well check this out – today we announced that EMS now has Conditional Access support for MacOS, including Office 2016 and Safari. More details can be found here for those interested. More to come on this soon! ** Update ** As you may have seen, we talked about this more at Ignite, including announcing a…


New to PowerShell? Can’t remember what module includes what?

You’re not the only one – trust me 🙂 This week we announced that the PowerShell Module Browser site is now available at . You should really give it a look, its a drop dead simple ways to find the module / reference / cmdlet you’re looking for.. <insert obligitory “This is the PowerShell cmdlet you’re…


Heard about Shielded VMs? Looking to learn more?

Then you should definitely check out this post by Dean Wells.. it’s full of great information about building a guarded fabric.. well worth the read. (side note – if you ever get a chance to see him speak, do it, you won’t regret it)


AD ACL Scanner

<<Updated link to new GitHub location>> Just in case you haven’t seen it yet our colleagues in PFE Sweden have put together an excellent post detailing the usage of AD ACL Scanner, a CodePlex PowerShell based GUI for reporting on AD permissions. Check it out here – Grab the tool here –