Offline VM Servicing Tool – v2

Check out: The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2.0 helps organizations maintain virtual machines that are stored offline in a Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager library. While stored, virtual machines do not receive operating system updates. The tool provides a way to keep offline virtual machines up-to-date so that bringing a virtual machine…


Remote admin of 2008 Server Core (and Hyper-V Server)

Going insane without your familiar MMC snap-ins? I recently built up a handful of Hyper-V server boxes and realized exactly how poor my cmd line skills are these days.  I think my new years resolution (*rolls eyes*) will be to learn the wonders of powershell, and re-learn netsh, etc.

Backup & Restore of NTFS / Share perms..

Looking for a quick way to capture the permissions on your existing file server in prep for a server move?  Give this AskDS post a look:   ..good stuff 🙂

Debug logging primer for Directory Services..

Check out this post on the EPS DS team blog that Ned Pyle posted up..  That covers the vast majorty of advanced logging you’ll ever need to do from the directory side of things; a good reference to keep handy.

Vista SP1 Remote Server Admin Tools – Released to the web

After a long wait..  Too long for most; the Vista SP1 admin tools have made their way to You can grab them here: Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x86-based Systems     Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems