João Ribeiro

Exchange Server ;Office Communications Server and Windows Mobile / Phones

Updated – Comparison of Exchange ActiveSync Clients ( Windows phone, Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia, Apple, Palm )

  Company Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Apple BlackBerry Nokia Nokia Google Google Google Notify Corp. Palm MailSite Software Inc. NitroDesk Thursby Software Product Windows Mobile[1] Windows Mobile[2] Windows Phone[3] Windows Phone[4] Windows Phone[5] iPhone/ iPod (iOS)[6] BlackBerry 10[7] Mail for Exchange (Symbian)[8] Mail for Exchange (Maemo 5) Android Android Android NotifySync[9] WebOS (Pre/Pixi)[10] AstraSync[11]… Read more

Charlie Kindel talks about Windows Phone 7 Series

Different Means Better with the new Windows Phone Developer Experience Published 04 March 10 05:30 PM by ckindel  In just over a week we (finally!) get to pull the cover off of the Windows Phone application & game developer experience at MIX10. There, through keynotes and more than 12 technical sessions over 3 days, we will… Read more

Introducing Windows Phone 7 Series . . .

Good morning, We introduced Windows Phone 7 Series to the World at the Mobile World Congress 2010, held in Barcelona. Steve Ballmer, Andy Lees, Joe Belfiore and some partner’s representative presented the new revolutionary OS and it’s awesome new features. Microsoft has created a new dedicated website for this new brand : Windows Phone 7… Read more