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Exchange Deployment Assistant – ExDeploy 2010

Almost three months have passed since the Exchange Server 2010 was released to the “Enterprise World” and most of world’s IT administrators are starting to analyze ROI and benefits of this new version. This is very reconfortant to know, since we, at Microsoft, have just made the life easier to each and single IT administrator when it… Read more

Upgrading to Exchange Server 2010

As RTM date approaches, people are starting to ask “how can I migrate to Exchange Server 2010 ?” This post will walk you along the migration path on a high level perspective, not going into 0’s and 1’s detail, but this will sure help you out. First let’s go ahead and cover the pre-requisites needed… Read more

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 – What’s new and how to upgrade . . .

Now that Service Pack 2 is out there is a lot of conversation around what to upgrade first and, how to upgrade when and if using Clustered Mailbox Servers. The installation order is, though this is not : – Hub Transport Server Role – Client Access Server Role – First upgrade the Internet facing CAS and… Read more