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Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office Filter Pack 2010 Released – Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 Pre-Requisite

Starting with Exchange 2007, installation of the current version of Office Filter Packs is a prerequisite. For Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 RTM, the pre-req was 2007 Office System Converter: Microsoft Filter Pack. In Exchange 2010 SP1, this was updated to Office 2010 Filter Packs. The filters are used by Exchange Search to index email… Read more

Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 Removed from Download Center

A quick note regarding RU4 for Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1   We have discovered an issue impacting some customers who have installed Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 into their Exchange environment and as a result have removed SP1 RU4 from Download Center. We recommend customers do not proceed with any planned deployments of SP1… Read more

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Released !! (KB 976932)

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 helps keep your PCs and servers on the latest support level. It also provides ongoing improvements to the Windows Operating System (OS), by including previous updates delivered over Windows Update as well as continuing incremental updates to the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 platforms based… Read more