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Windows Phone "Mango" – Released to Manufacturing (RTM)

I wanted to drop into the Windows Phone Blog briefly to update you on an important milestone. Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone development team officially signed off on the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of “Mango” – the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system. This marks the point in the development process… Read more

UPDATED – Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing ( R T M ) and NOW to the World !!

October, 11th   Windows Phone 7 will hit the Stores in Europe and Asia on October, 21th and in the US on November, 8th.   We have just seen the presentation, LIVE, held by Steve Ballmer and John Belfiore.   We have seen the People, Games, Office, I mean, ALL the Hubs we can expect… Read more

Office Mobile 2010 released

Since the product went to Public Beta, last year, that his acceptance has been massive and widely used. Yesterday we announced the RTM version of Office Mobile 2010, a part of the called “2010 Productivity Suite”, which includes Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, Sharepoint Server 2010 and Office 2010. This release matches the perfect time as the… Read more

Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability

According to the MS Exchange Team Blog, Exchange 2010 Code is ready for RTM 🙂  You can read all the details at the original post location : You Had Me At EHLO… : Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability  … Read more