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Exchange Server ;Office Communications Server and Windows Mobile / Phones

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 – Planning Tool

Hi everyone, Just released, yesterday : Overview The Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Planning Tool asks you a series of questions about your organization and the features that you are interested in. The planning tool will then use your answers to recommend a topology based on the tested Microsoft Lync Server 2010 user model. Your organization… Read more

UPDATED – Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing ( R T M ) and NOW to the World !!

October, 11th   Windows Phone 7 will hit the Stores in Europe and Asia on October, 21th and in the US on November, 8th.   We have just seen the presentation, LIVE, held by Steve Ballmer and John Belfiore.   We have seen the People, Games, Office, I mean, ALL the Hubs we can expect… Read more