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High Availability in Exchange Server 2010 – Updated and with Videos

Right before the year end, Scott Schnoll wrote a new article about Exchange Server 2010 High Availability. Read the introduction here and then, proceed reading on his original post : Now that Exchange Server 2010 has had its first birthday, it’s a good time to remind folks about the built-in features for high availability, site resilience… Read more

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 High Availability Design Considerations

Hello, Today I bring you a great session from one the world’s biggest expert in Exchange, Ross Smith IV. Ross is a Senior Product Manager at the Microsoft Exchange Server Team, here, at Microsoft. We want you to go beyond the basics of Exchange High Availability and gain a solid understanding of what you need… Read more

New High Availability Features in Exchange 2010 SP1

Now that TechDays 2010 Portugal is over I’m publishing the source of my presentation, UNC304 , keeping ALL CREDITS to the owner of the words, SCOTT SCHNOLL 🙂 who, by the way, has provided me with all the help I could get in order to obtain the best presentation ever. Thanks SCOTT 🙂 The information below also resides @ :… Read more