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Exchange Server ;Office Communications Server and Windows Mobile / Phones

Updated – Windows Phone 7 and the use of Certificates – Do you know error 80072F0D ?

Hi everyone,   We have been observing several questions where the users are not able to connect to their Exchange Server 2007/ 2010 environments using Windows Phone 7.   There are some questions regarding this issue but mostly, the main cause, is the lack of the OWA, also known as Outlook Web Access, address in… Read more

A fix for the interoperability issues between Exchange 2007 and 2010 EMC and IE9 is now available

We are happy to report that a fix for the Exchange Management Console (EMC) issues when Internet Explorer 9 is installed is now available. To be specific, we have talked about this in a previous blog post: Exchange 2007 or 2010 EMC might fail to close with “You must close all dialog boxes before you… Read more

Exchange Services not starting with "Site_Not_Found" error

Hello everyone, Imagine, for an instance, that you changed all the IP’s of your Exchange Organization and now, suddenly, the following Exchange Services do not start automatically, as they should : – Microsoft Exchange Service Host – Microsoft Exchange Information Store – Microsoft Exchange System Attendant The solution for this odd problem is, in fact,… Read more

Announcing Additional Upgrade Scenarios for the Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant

In November, we launched the Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant. In the initial version of the Deployment Assistant, content was available for customers upgrading from Exchange 2003. We are happy to announce that today we’ve released content for the following scenarios to Upgrading from Exchange Server 2007 Upgrading from a mixed Exchange Server 2003/2007… Read more

How to anonymously Relay in Exchange Server 2007/ 2010

Hello everyone, In order to allow the Relay for an Internal Application, there are some simple steps that you should follow and that can be found below : Create a new Receive Connector, name it “TEST” or whatever you want, and then select “Custom” for the intended use for the receive connector. On the Local Network settings,… Read more

Updates to the Exchange Supportability Matrix

With the release of Exchange 2007 SP2 we provided a Supportability Matrix which outlined the supported configurations for Exchange 2000 SP3, Exchange 2003 SP2, and Exchange 2007 (RTM, SP1, and SP2).   But as many are aware, with the release of Windows Server 2008 R2 there have been a variety of questions raised about our support… Read more

Transitioning from an Exchange 2007 environment to Exchange 2010

Transitioning an Exchange 2007 environment to Exchange 2010 When you are ready to begin transitioning your organization to Exchange 2010, you must transition the “Internet Facing AD Site” that is associated with your external Autodiscover record, then regional Internet facing AD Sites, and then transition your internal Active Directory sites. It is not supported to… Read more

Exchange Server 2007 Anti-spam myths revealed and compared to Exchange 2010

In Microsoft CSS (Customer Service and Support) we deal with many anti-spam questions. While the anti-spam features that come out of the box with Exchange 2007 provide a robust level of protection against unwanted garbage in your inbox, there is still a lot of confusion out there as to how all the parts work together…. Read more

UPDATE – Supporting Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2

As a member of the Exchange Server support team nothing gives me more pleasure than announcing this  ” We always talk about listening to customers and sometimes this is written off by many as ‘marketing speak’. In fact, we do take feedback seriously and no input is more important to our engineering processes than your… Read more

Upgrading to Exchange Server 2010

As RTM date approaches, people are starting to ask “how can I migrate to Exchange Server 2010 ?” This post will walk you along the migration path on a high level perspective, not going into 0’s and 1’s detail, but this will sure help you out. First let’s go ahead and cover the pre-requisites needed… Read more