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Public Folder Replication Changes in Exchange 2010 SP1

Many of you who have migrated or are still migrating public folders from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 or 2010 have run into replication failures due to property validation. This validation was first introduced in Exchange 2007, and I initially blogged about some those issues in this old post on EHLO. I later posted a… Read more

New-MailboxREPAIRRequest – Exchange Server 2010 with Service Pack 1

Hello everyone, Do you still remember the time when you had to dismount the stores in order to check it’s integrity, and running “Isinteg -S “servername” -Fix -Test AllTests” at a regular command line, once or twice, depending on the errors/ warnings ??? Well, those days are gone 🙂 In Exchange 2010 SP1, ISInteg is no… Read more