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Exchange Server ;Office Communications Server and Windows Mobile / Phones

Updated – Windows Phone 7 and the use of Certificates – Do you know error 80072F0D ?

Hi everyone,   We have been observing several questions where the users are not able to connect to their Exchange Server 2007/ 2010 environments using Windows Phone 7.   There are some questions regarding this issue but mostly, the main cause, is the lack of the OWA, also known as Outlook Web Access, address in… Read more

Windows Phone 7 and Certificates

Hi everyone,   Microsoft has released an article regarding “Windows Phone 7 and Certificates”, on December.   This is a great  document that you should read as this is a great way to understand “how” certificates work with Windos Phone 7. As a main point, I would like to let you know that you can… Read more

Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007

This is a realy helpful tool 🙂 This tool eases the pain of managing all the certificates in an Exchange Server 2007 Organization. Since the release of Exchange Server 2007 that it has been really troublesome not only to check and create the certificates, but also to renew. So being, U-BTech Solutions is providing Certificate… Read more