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Generate Exchange Environment Reports using Powershell



Just came across this blog post written by Steve Goodman :

As an Exchange administrator, there’s times when it’s useful to have a visual, straightforward and concise document that gives you a good overview of your environment. Although with tools like Visio and Word you can make such a document, it’s hard to keep these documents up to date or use previous versions to track and check changes.

This script, inspired by the output of an Exchange TAP tool, aims to automatically generate a report that gives you an overview of your environment, Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 servers and database availability groups – in particular:

  • Total Servers per Exchange version & service pack
  • Total Mailboxes per Exchange version & service pack
  • Totals for Exchange roles across the environment
  • A site-by-site breakdown for the following: “


You can read the complete post and get the script here .



Take a look 🙂


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