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The New Exchange – explained by Exchange Team Blog



This is really worth reading 🙂


” Here are some of the great benefits you get with the next release of Exchange:

  1. Reduced costs by optimizing for next generation of hardware

    Exchange is now optimized for 8TB disks, by reducing database IOPS by +50% and optimizing for multiple databases per volume to increase aggregate disk utilization while maintaining reasonable database sizes. Ever growing memory capacity is used to improve search query performance and reduce IOPS. All this allows you and your end users to have larger mailboxes at lower costs.

  2. Significantly reduced operational overhead for high availability

    DAG management is simplified via automatic DAG network configuration, enhancements to DAG management cmdlets, support for multiple databases per disk, and enhancements to lagged copies. Auto-recovery capabilities – inherently built into DAGs – are now extended to the rest of Exchange and all protocols. Client-initiated, automatic recovery allows you to reduce recovery time for site failures from hours to under a minute.

  3. Decrease the amount of time spent managing your system while maintaining control …”


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