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Understanding Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies and Windows Phone 7

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This is not a new topic and has been discussed for quite some time.

Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policies let you apply a common set of policy or security settings to a user or group of users. The following table summarizes the settings you can specify using Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policies.

Everything is ver well detailed in :

Understanding Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies: Exchange 2010 Help

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If you have Windows Phone 7 mobile phones in your organization, these phones will experience synchronization problems if certain Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy properties are configured. To allow Windows Phone 7 mobile phones to synchronize with an Exchange mailbox, either set the AllowNonProvisionableDevices property to “TRUE” or only configure the following Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy properties:

 – PasswordRequired
 – MinPasswordLength
 – IdleTimeoutFrequencyValue
 – DeviceWipeThreshold
 – AllowSimplePassword
 – PasswordExpiration
 – PasswordHistory
 – DisableRemovableStorage
 – DisableIrDA
 – DisableDesktopSync
 – BlockRemoteDesktop
 – BlockInternetSharing

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