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Updated : What’s new Windows 8 beta Hyper-V – Consumer Preview

Just an update on this post to provide you with the Windows Server “8” Beta Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster.


It can be downloaded from :“8”%20Beta%20Hyper-V%20Component%20Architecture%20Poster.pdf


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Since the developer preview specs have been changed for Hyper-V in the Windows 8 Beta.

  • 1 TB of memory on a virtual machine (up from 512 GB in the Windows Server “8” Developer Preview Build)
  • 64 TB of virtual disk size (up from 16 TB in the Windows Server “8” Developer Preview Build)
  • Support for various Emulex Fiber Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) inbox


Support for various SR-IOV drivers added inbox

  • 64 nodes in a failover cluster


Improved inbox monitoring experience for Hyper-V Replica

  • Simpler view for replication statistics and health, for a virtual machine


Security improvements

  • Ability to group primary servers into a trust zone at the Replica server level
  • Usability improvements
  • Simplified wizard for enabling replication
  • Easier to authorize a cluster of primary servers to replicate


More details and screenshots can be found in : | What’s new Windows 8 beta Hyper-V –

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