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Lync Mobile 2010 – Mobile Client Comparison Tables

Hi everyone,


As most of you have probably heard, Lync Mobile is OUT already !


Here you can find all the releases :


Lync 2010 for Mobile Devices

This post is just to give you a headsup on the main differences and functionalities that Lync Mobile can offer depending on which device you are connecting :


Lync 2010 desktop client

Windows Phone




Nokia (Symbian)

Initiate IM with a contact

Participate in multiparty IM

Invite others from within the conversation window

Display current conversations

Navigate among multiple IM conversations

Automatically log IM conversations in Exchange

Send an IM conversation as an email message

Initiate an email to a contact

View missed IM invitations



Vibrate with incoming IM


Send location in an IM


To find out more, please visit :

Mobile Client Comparison Tables


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