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Download Developer Tools for Windows Phone Mango Now !!

Microsoft announced the immediate availability of our Windows Phone Developer Tools for Mango. Go get these tools now, and you can immediately start building cool apps and games that take advantage of all of the new functionality we announced and discussed in depth at the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas in April.

We listened to what developers told us they wanted, and in Windows Phone Mango we’re delivering outstanding new features including background processing, massive Live Tile functionality updates, direct camera access, sockets, a new profiler and emulator, deep linking into apps, local database support, and a new web browser control based on IE9 that supports HTML5.

Concurrent with this release of the tools, we’ve updated our official documentation in the What’s New in Windows Phone Developer Tools topic in the MSDN Library, created 22 new code samples, and released 10 new hands-on labs specific to Windows Phone Mango.

We’ve also updated our Game Development page to highlight some of the new resources available for phone game developers using Windows Phone Mango. New game developer resources include an updated version of Game State Management, guides explaining what’s new in the platform (including the Silverlight/XNA Framework integrated application model and Visual Basic support), and more samples and articles.

After you’ve installed the tools for Mango, check out these resources and get started right away!


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