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Windows Phone 7 Guides for IT Pros

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Just released two days here are the WIndows Phone 7 Guides for the IT Pro community 🙂


The Windows Phone 7 Guides for IT Professionals is a series of articles intended to help you evaluate how to integrate and support Windows Phone 7 in your organization.


Windows Phone 7 brings together the information, applications, tools, and services needed to help your workforce accomplish what they most want to do, easier and faster. At home or on the go, people can use powerful solutions such as Microsoft Office Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint Server to stay up-to-date with colleagues and business associates. Microsoft Outlook Mobile also delivers easy access to email messages and calendars so people can respond quickly and efficiently. And with the intuitive user interface of Windows Phone 7, people can work more efficiently using gestures like tapping and pinching to select content and navigate on their phone. If you are an IT professional and your business users are asking for Windows Phone 7, this is a good place to start investigating what it takes to integrate and support the phone in your organization. This series of articles explores a variety of topics important to you—from providing how-to guidance on integrating technologies that businesses already use while helping to support corporate security and management requirements, to providing insights into how Windows Phone 7 helps to create compelling applications for phone, web, and PC by using powerful and familiar development tools. Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone designed to bring together what people care about most – easier and faster.Files in this Download:The links in this section correspond to separate files available in this download. Download the files most appropriate for you.
The link for the download page is :
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