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Free ebooks from Microsoft Press

Here they are, more Free ebooks from Microsoft Press 🙂   Free ebook: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (10 chapters by by Patrice Pelland, Pascal Paré, and Ken Haines) Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (10 chapters by Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner) Free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview)… Read more

Exchange Server 2010 Architecture Poster

Aside from showing the high-level architecture, this poster highlights the feature set of Exchange Server 2010.   Sections include: Management and Monitoring High Availability Mailbox Server Role Client Access Server Role Unified Messaging Server Role Hub Transport Server Role Edge Transport Server Role Start download   The poster is useful when understanding the connections between… Read more

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 High Availability Design Considerations

Hello, Today I bring you a great session from one the world’s biggest expert in Exchange, Ross Smith IV. Ross is a Senior Product Manager at the Microsoft Exchange Server Team, here, at Microsoft. We want you to go beyond the basics of Exchange High Availability and gain a solid understanding of what you need… Read more

Database Copy Layout Design in Exchange Server 2010

The following article was modified on: 2010-10-01 When designing a highly available solution for Mailbox servers, you need to ensure high availability for a variety of infrastructure components, including: Infrastructure services, such as Active Directory and Domain Name System (DNS) Database availability group (DAG) member servers Individual storage components, such as disks, storage controllers, and storage shelves… Read more

UPDATED – Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing ( R T M ) and NOW to the World !!

October, 11th   Windows Phone 7 will hit the Stores in Europe and Asia on October, 21th and in the US on November, 8th.   We have just seen the presentation, LIVE, held by Steve Ballmer and John Belfiore.   We have seen the People, Games, Office, I mean, ALL the Hubs we can expect… Read more

Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 – Released

The release of the rollup via Microsoft Update will happen on October 12th. This update includes new fixes for the following server roles: Client Access Mailbox Edge Server Hub Transport In particular we would like to call out the following fixes which have been included in this release: 2028967 Event ID 3022 is logged and… Read more

Update – Microsoft Exchange User Monitor (Exmon) tool – Updated Version

I am pleased to announce that there is a new (as of 6/25/2009) version of this tool that the Exchange performance, development, and operations teams at Microsoft have used for quite some time called Exchange User Monitor (Exmon) and can be downloaded here.  Exmon for the first time allows an Exchange administrator the ability to see in… Read more