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Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007

This is a realy helpful tool 🙂

This tool eases the pain of managing all the certificates in an Exchange Server 2007 Organization.

Since the release of Exchange Server 2007 that it has been really troublesome not only to check and create the certificates, but also to renew.

So being, U-BTech Solutions is providing Certificate Manager for Exchange Server 2007 freely, to ease the process with a simple, easy to use GUI which enables you to:

1) Manage your current server certificates.
2) Enable certificates for Exchange 2007 Services (POP, IMAP, SMTP, IIS, UM).
3) Generate an Exchange 2007 Certificate Signing Request and process the Certificate Authority answer.
4) Generate an Exchange 2007 Self-Signed certificate (not for production use).
5) Easily include additional subject names in a single certificate.
6) Import & Export ability for existing certificates.
To read more about Certificate Use in Exchange 2007 at Microsoft TechNet follow the link:

Certificate Manager for Exchange Server 2007 is currently offered by U-BTech Solutions free of charge


Link to the U-BTech page :

Link to the free download :

Kindest regards to Steven Bink for posting this on his site ( )

Hope this makes it easier for everyone to manage Certificates 🙂