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Moving to Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Long time ago we launched Exchange Hosted Services, or EHS, where customer have the chance to get their e-mail from Microsoft Exchange Online Servers. These servers are disperselly located throughout the world for Business continuity and redundancy.

There is not that much “easy to find” information on theinternet about this so, I am writing this post in order to supply that info :

Migrate to Microsoft Online

Microsoft Online Services Guide

Migrate from Exchange Public Folders to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite

Maybe, most important than everything is that you have “Hands-On” while creating and migratinng to Online Services. Therefore, you can do it yourself by acessing the link below :

TechNet Virtual Lab: Implementing Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Finally, I leave you with the Microsoft Online Services homepage :

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services | Protect E-mail | Online Services