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Moving to Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Long time ago we launched Exchange Hosted Services, or EHS, where customer have the chance to get their e-mail from Microsoft Exchange Online Servers. These servers are disperselly located throughout the world for Business continuity and redundancy. There is not that much “easy to find” information on theinternet about this so, I am writing this… Read more

Issues in OCS 2007/ LCS 2005 caused by applying KB974571

This is my first OCS related post. In this first post I would to make available the information regarding KB974571 and the disruption it causes to OCS and LCS systems. The KB is now on version 4.0 and it was re-writen to face the errors stated from our customers.  Kb is available at : . This… Read more

Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability

According to the MS Exchange Team Blog, Exchange 2010 Code is ready for RTM 🙂  You can read all the details at the original post location : You Had Me At EHLO… : Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability  … Read more

Upgrading to Exchange Server 2010

As RTM date approaches, people are starting to ask “how can I migrate to Exchange Server 2010 ?” This post will walk you along the migration path on a high level perspective, not going into 0’s and 1’s detail, but this will sure help you out. First let’s go ahead and cover the pre-requisites needed… Read more

Exchange 2010 and New Exchange Web Services – What’s New Webcasts

As promised, I am proceeding with Exchange 2010 features and, this week, I went to Chris Mayo’s blog (referenced at the bottom) and found the following webcasts regarding EWS, Exchange Web Services, including 4 Deep Dive sessions. But first, “what is EWS” ? Exchange Web Services gives you programmatic access to the information and business… Read more

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 – What’s new and how to upgrade . . .

Now that Service Pack 2 is out there is a lot of conversation around what to upgrade first and, how to upgrade when and if using Clustered Mailbox Servers. The installation order is, though this is not : – Hub Transport Server Role – Client Access Server Role – First upgrade the Internet facing CAS and… Read more