New MBV builds : Lot of additional queries and fixes



I updated today a new build of MBV.

With the previous one published few weeks ago, MBV brings now lot of new interesting queries and fixes (see below the complete list).


As interesting new query, MBV is parsing now your SQL Error logs for critical errors and raise corresponding warnings if found.

MBV is reporting now also the SQL agent log containg any errors if the BizTalk jobs are failing.

MBV includes also now the "tempdb" inf Db analyzed so you can see quickly in MBV report the size and  files info about your temp. Knowing as important the tempdb is, it can be useful to have this info in report as well.
I added also again some new parsing rules for the Eventlog query identifying so possible know issues bases on the event source, event ID, and the event message contain.


Feel free so to use now latest version on my blog ( containing these features and report me your comment or bugs found


Thanks !





New Features:

- Include "Tempdb" info  on the "Dbs infos", "Dbs Files", and "Dbs Space" queries
- Query to get list of IIS App pools with their owning Applications and check if an Application is a BizTalk Receive Location
- Query to get list of Web sites with all their propertes App pools with their owning Applications and check if an application is a BizTalk Receive Location
- Get list of active global SQL Trace flags
- Query to get the SQL agent log
- Changed the KB linked to the warning message when AllowOnlySecureRpcCalls  is not set correctly on cluster
- Fixed HotFix queries to get also the 32 bits installed on a X64 machine
- Display now HotFix file(s) with their version
- Fixed the .NET config files to have also the ones from 64 bits version of the Framework
- Get also BTSNTSVC64.exe.Config if found
- Order by DESC the Most recent records in TDDSFailedTRRackingData table for both DTA and BAM dbs
- Fixed an HTML display issue (report can be expanded correctly ) when we fail to connect to  some Dbs
-  Added Autogrow rules for the "DBs File" query to check the current auto grow of BizTalk Dbs against our recommendations for MDF and LOG files- New query in “Server Info” category: “NET Config files” on all BT servers - not checked by default
- New query in “Server Info”: “Running Processes” on all servers
- New query in “Advanced DB Info” category: “Tracking tables Sequence Number”  -  not checked by default
- New query in “Advanced DB Info” category:  “Tracking tables Sequence Number gaps” - not checked by default
- New query in “Advanced DB Info” category : “Tracking tables Sequence Large BLOBs” - not checked by default
- Provides a rule raising a warning if large table “NotEqualPredicateTables” found (known issue)
- Provides additional EventsLog rules
- Improves MsgBox Database naming convention in some Summary Report categories to be unique in multiple MsgBox scenarios
- Provides “Total Q rows” entry in the “MsgBox Table” Summary Report category
- "Current Error Log" query is modified to list entries in Descendant order
- Provides some rules to the "Current Error Log" query to check for Disk space errors, Db Integrity or Fatal errors, and raise warnings if   found
- "Error Log.1" request in now moved into its dedicated query  - not Checked by default
- Host instance "Start time" is now added in Topology Report "Running Host instance" category
- System Variables are added in Topology Report

Comments (2)

  1. JPAUC says:

    Hi Alberto,

    be careful, my rule suggesting to install maybe KB 934849 is not checking really for your version of COM+ installed on your BTS, SQL or MQS destination servers, it just alert you on the fact that because you use SQL or MQS ports using COM+ components, this hotfix can be interesting to check, thats all what this rule is doing.

    So even if you already installed this hotfix, the watrning will continue to appear

    About SP1, are you talking about BTS 2006 R2 SP1 ? if yes I will release very soon (begining of September) a new build fixing that


  2. Alberto Vicente says:

    Hi JP,

             I´ve been working with the latest MBV version since months ago, it was really helpfull for me, i have some doubt about the report information, coz i´ve already implemented and installed the BTS SP1 and Hotfix KB 934849 as the MBV report suggest me, but now im a little bit confused coz after this installation, the report continue me inform about installing this feature like i never did it, do you know what can be the cause? need some specially reset the MBV appl?

    Thanks for your time


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