Fixed a regression issue found in MsgBoxViewer 10.15 and implemented Query Timeout for .VBS queries

Several customers and MS engineers reported me recently some very long collect statements scenarios using version 10.15 and sometimes infinite ones.

1) Some bugs were indeed identified in some VBS queries which might create looping scenarios in some VBS query execution .
These bugs were so fixed.

2) A long collect statement can occur also when .VBS queries (belonging mainly to the “Server Info” query category) are running too long time.

MBV 10.15 enumerates indeed in some .VBS queries some registry keys or registry values, and when targeting several remote servers of the BizTalk group it can be sometimes long.

I decided so to implement a timeout mecanism to stop a VBS, .BAT, or .CMD query after 30 secs by default.
This timeout value can be changed of course in the MBV UI via the "VBS/BAT/CMD Query Timeout" Global Option.

3) When you have a long query situation or infinite one, please do the following :

-  Note in the status bar of MBV UI  the pending query (it will  be also logged in the Status log file)

-  Kill MBV (as stopping via the UI the collect statement during a query execution will NOT work,  I don’t want to kill my query execution thread)

-  Keep the generated status log file and send it to me later (it is precious for me to know what happened before MBV was killed)

-  Restart MBV and then uncheck the queries which seem to run too long or infinite and then start a new collect statement (usually these queries should belong to the “Server Info” category) to exclude them from the  collect statement


Current build 10.15.7777 available on this blog contain both the VBS queries fix and the VBS Query Timeout implementation. 

Sorry for these introduced regressions and continue to send me your feedbacks or possible bugs found


Comments (6)

  1. JPAUC says:

    Hi Alberto,

    good question but don’t provide such option

    I need to think about this feature.

    I provide however option to export in .XML format so yoou can posibly create a XML parser to generate a .DOC after.


  2. JPAUC says:

    Hi Alberto,

    First which version did you use, is it really the  latest posted on this blog (10.15.7878) ?

    Usually when it happens (and it happened in the past but for previous versions), it means that a query failed and for a reason that I don’t know yet the html <div> section corresponding to output query report was not closed correctly and so we have a <div> never ended

    Now send me your MBV please if nothing is confidential and I can look at that

    As temp workaround, you can use the history log file but it is plain text.


  3. JPAUC says:

    cool !

    it makes more sense so as I had fixed some issues like that


  4. Alberto Vicente says:

    Hi JP,

         I´ve got an strange issue with the MBV Report that i´ve ran today, i only was able to read and expand the Query report, without acces or displaying the other item link (warning, summary, etc), the weird thing is that i looked in the MBV report from yesterday an work ok, i´ve have access to all the menu, do you have any idea?



  5. Alberto Vicente says:

    HI, JP i´ve installed your latest version and the problem was fixed, thanks so much!



  6. AlbertO says:

    Hi JP,

        There is any way or option to export the entery data report from *.html to *.doc document?

    Please let me know


    Alberto Vicente

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