MsgBoxViewer 10.15 now available


I just made available version 10.15 of MBV  :

This build fixes some bugs of version 10.14 of course but provides also lot of new queries & rules and use now some VBS queries like "MSDTC Setting" , "RPC Settings"', 'TCP Settings", etc...

Using VBS script with WMI calls in these queries allow to target correclty this time 64bits registries on 64 bits Servers.
As you probably now, a 32 bits tool like  MBV using .NET remote registry functions can target only the 32 bits version of registry on a 64 bit server (by design with .NET) , so until now MBV returned sometimes invalid MSDTC settings for example when targeting 64 bits servers.
Using WMI in VBS script can workaround this limitation specifying the type of provider to load (32 bits or 64 bits).

I added also some new queries and one interesting query I added is the "Artifacts per host" one which list all artifacts used by each host.
For our Support teams for example, it is indeed critical to see very quickly which host manage which type of artifacts.

I also identify now what we name COM+ or MSDTC "Rollup package" from the software layers found on each server. We have again some dependencies with COM+ and obviously MSDTC so it is is important to know which COM+ or MSDTC version is installed on each server before to decide to apply possible COM+/MSDTC hotfixes.

You will find the list of new features in this version here :

Feel free to report me your comments, suggestions, and of course the bug  you could find 😉



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