MBVMMC – Latest Version

Version 1.10 

New features :

- Allow to generate also automatically and periodically MBV reports by creating a Windows Scheduled Task

- Group  now the MBV reports per targeted BT group

- Display an exclamation mark in node for MBV Reports having Red Warnings

- Use now File Notification Services to detect new or deleted MBV reports in monitored output folder


Version 1.0  

Features :

- Allow to generate manually MBV reports by running in hidden mode the console version of MBV (BTSDBCOLLECT.EXE)

- Create nodes list  corresponding to generated MBV reports found in the monitored output folder

- For each MBV report node,  sub nodes are created to represent each section of an MBV report

- Allow to access directly to a MBV report Section like the "Warnings" one

- For each selected section node, right view in the MMC show the corresponding MBV report section in HTML format


Comments (4)

  1. JPAUC says:

    Hi Alberto,

    I don’t provide this possibility natively but Richard Hallgren wrote an interesting post about that using the console version of MBV :


    Let me know if itis valuable for you


  2. JPAUC says:

    Hi John,

    To be honst, I don’t see a clear link for the moment between MBV and this error message you have.

    Did you install MBV MMC snap-in or just run MsgBoxviewer.exe ?

    If you install MBV snap-in, did you run it in its own console or did you try to integrate  both Biztal Admin console and MVV MMC snap-in ?


  3. John Andersen says:

    I get this error message when importing MSI to BizTalk, after installing MVB:

    "Failed to load Group [DKCPH-BIZEXTR2:BizTalkMgmtDb] data providers.

    Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints. (System.Data)

  4. AlbertO says:

    Hi JP, i have one questions for you, i wanna know if there is any way to send the MBV Report via email to multiples email´s address, thanks!



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