MBVQueryBuilder – Latest Version

Download it : MBVQueryBuilder.zip



This is the First version of MBVQueryBuilder tool, to integrate your custom Queries in MBV tool.

The zip to download contains :

- The tool itself MBVQueryBuilder.EXE

- Runtime DLLs : MBVEngine.DLL and MYHC.DLL

is in fact the runtime dll implementing My Health Check Framework and MBVEngine.DLL is the runtime dll using MyHC.DLL but is dedicated to analyze a BizTalk system.

- Versions of MBV Gui and MBV Console using the runtimes DLLs: MBVGUI.EXE and MBVCONSOLE.EXE

As MBVEngine.DLL and MYHC.DLL are both shared by MBVQueryBuilder.EXE and MBV client tools MBVGUI.EXE and MBVCONSOLE.EXE,
MBVEngine.DLL and MYHC.DLL must be so both located in same folder than the tools using them.

You can find here a quick help about this tool at :



Let me know please your feedbacks, questions, suggestions, and possible bugs found about this new tool

Thanks !



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